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 Posted: Thu Jul 3rd, 2008 06:55 pm
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Ole our paternal grandfathers were born the same year, 1859.  Sadly mine died in 1927 long before I was born.  My paternal grandmother was born in 1868 she died in around 1936.  My maternal grandfather was born in  1889 as was my grandmother.  He died of swine flu in 1919 .  My grandmother lost her husband her mother and her only son in an 18 month period back then.  She almost lost her two daughters too to dieases that now kids get vacine for .  Grandmother picked herself up got a job as a postmaster (yes master , she always said that is the title) then worked in a general store to take care of her family.  No complains out of her ever that I know of.  She married a man who was a widower .  His wife had been my grandmother's good friend.  They both lived into the 70's .  Imagine all the changes they saw.  They raised the two daughters to be good citizens, one a housewife and one a housewife and teacher. 

I agree they were strong people.  I respect them very much.  Admire what they did and who they were .  I also love them very much. 


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