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 Posted: Thu Jul 10th, 2008 06:20 pm
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My favorite uncle quit High school, lied about his age (he was 16) and joined the Navy. He participated in the landings (20mm bow gunner on an LCI) at Anzio, Salerno, Tunisa, and then went to England to prepare for D Day. He ferried troops to Omaha all day on D day. Returned home, married my aunt, then went to the south Pacific....
He is now 84...
And you are right, it is painful to watch them age. I remember him as a robust young man who taught me to hunt fish,  and shoot, as well as the values that made me a man. NOw he picks up one of my pistols and his hand shakes so bad he can only hold it, not aim it...

His values however are a strong as they were when he was a young sailor!

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