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 Posted: Fri Jul 11th, 2008 04:43 am
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My wifes great-grandfather served with the 41st New York, and I have been trying for the past several years to find out if he was on active duty and with his unit at the time of the Gettysburg campaign. There is some question about this because he was injured during the winter of 1862 and then I have no record of him again until August of 1863 when he was put in the brig for losing his rifle. I have seen his pension records, I have checked the morning reports at the National Archives (many pages missing, including those of July 1863) and I have checked with the New York state archives to see if they had any record, which they didn't. I believe I have exhausted all possibilities, but if anyone else has any idea of where I could check, I would be grateful for that information.

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