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 Posted: Sat Jul 12th, 2008 06:47 pm
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I live about five hours away from Mount Rushmore - have been there a few times, and once past all the tourist stuff, it is a pretty neat place to visit. Besides the monument itself, I've camped at Custer SP and enjoy hiking around the Black Hills. With the exposure of the recent Independence Day celebrations and fireworks exploding over the monument, I pondered a question I've asked myself a few times.

I understand Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln up there, but have always been slightly puzzled as to Teddy Roosevelt. I don't see anything wrong with him up there - he did negotiate the construction of the Panama Canal - but I have a hard time connecting him with the other three. I wonder if Gutzon Borglum (the sculpter) were to do it today, he would pick the same four presidents. Maybe he would choose to put Eisenhower up there - he certainly qualifies as a World War II general and began the Interstate Highway system. I'm not sure. Sometimes I wonder if I could do an anti Rushmore, who would be the four presidents I like the least? This has been easier for me to ponder the last eight years.

Anyway - I did post this under Idle Chit-Chat, and this should quailify as probably the idlest of chit-chats.

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