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 Posted: Mon Jul 14th, 2008 01:56 am
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this is a bit after the fact but since I just Joined I hope I get a pass.
It appears I could be either "Cump" or "Old Pete".

Trusted by General Lee above all his other generals (after the death of Stonewall), you have a good head on your shoulders and an understanding of the changing art of war. Too bad your people will come to see you as a scapegoat and even a traitor...

80% William T. Sherman
80% General James Longstreet
60% U.S. Grant
60% General Nathan Bedford Forrest
55% Stonewall Jackson
45% Robert E. Lee
40% General George McClellan
30% General Ambrose Burnside
30% General Jeb Stuart
20%General Phillip Sheridan

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