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 Posted: Mon Jul 14th, 2008 11:38 pm
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  The question under review is what Mr. Lincoln thought the war was about. The statements made by the others you quoted have nothing to do with what Mr. Lincoln thought it was about.

  Mr. Lincoln was , indeed, a politician- and a very skilled one at that. But you apparently believe that he was devious enough to prevaricate about what he thought that the war was about. I don't happen to believe that.

  While I am not a great admirer of Mr. Lincoln, especially compared to many others on this board, I do believe that he was truthful in the quotations that I presented. To me, one of the admirable qualities  that he had was his consistency in pursuing his objective. (Regardless of what I think about that objective). That objective was expressed in his own words many times- to preserve the Union.

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