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 Posted: Tue Jul 15th, 2008 02:11 am
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Thanks for taking the bait, Joe. I appreciate it. Next time I'm down in Tennessee, the beverages are on me.

But seriously - hiking up Kennesaw Mountain or Maryland Heights gave me a new feeling of respect. The gentle slope of Seminary Ridge or walking from the Rappahannock through the neighborhoods of Fredericksburg to get to the stone wall (which requires a certain degree of imagination) - I don't know if I could understand what I read without walking these places. Sometime before I die, I need to walk the Jackson trail around Chancellorsville, although I've driven it several times. I've walked from Fraley Field to Pittsburg Landing one year on April 6th. Pam - I don't know you or your husband, but I would be willing to bet a Dr. Pepper that if he walked with you, he may develop an interest. But then again, my wife has seen me pack a couple bananas, a box of Wheat Thins and a couple bottles of water and told me to go have a good time. Picking ticks off assorted body parts after a long day never helped my cause - but I love it.

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