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 Posted: Tue Jul 15th, 2008 01:11 pm
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Actually, I have to give my husband credit--he's done his share of battlefield walks, especially when I first got interested in the CW. He's even carried my two-year old son in a backpack across Pickett's Charge and back (I told him the weight was about what Pickett's men would've been carrying!). But he also lets me walk the Wheatfield for the umpteenth time, and hike up and down the hill to Burnside Bridge at Antietam YET AGAIN, and look at out at Fredericksburg from Chatham's front yard ONE MORE TIME, all without complaining (too much!). I think the difference for him is that he doesn't have ancestors (that we've found, anyway) who walked and fought on those same fields and hills like I do. It's the physical connection to the places that keeps me returning!

So maybe you owe me a half a Dr. Pepper!


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