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 Posted: Sat Jul 19th, 2008 12:59 am
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I have to agree with Ole--I think, though taking the kids along on our CW jaunts is fun, the real payoff will be for our kids' kids. I know I take my son to places I liked that my parents took me as a kid, just because I hope he'll do the same for his kids, for the same reasons (I also avoid taking him to places that I DIDN'T like--sorry mom and dad!).

It's ironic that I actually was the one who introduced my parents to the Civil War--it wasn't something they got me interested in. I took my parents to Gettysburg a few years ago to show my father where his ancestors in the 153 PA and the 149 PA fought, which was all new to him. It was a terrific experience for him!

Tim--sorry to hear about your diagnosis. But I like your attitude. Keep "soldiering" on when you can, and take along the Aleve!

Ole--sorry to have disturbed your concentration on those targets. You have about a week to finish mine. I head to Gettysburg on the 28th!


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