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 Posted: Sat Jul 19th, 2008 04:09 pm
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Going with fedreb on this one: U.S. Grant. He simply refused to be beaten.

I keep getting this mental picture of Lee having beaten the AotP up, down and sideways in the Wilderness (again), upon hearing that the AotP is not retreating but marching around his right. As a religious man, I'd guess he didn't say what I would have, but there must have been a bit of profanity in his remark.

CKL makes an excellent point: both Forrest and Jackson have been the beneficiaries of considerable legend, although they both were very, very good at what they did best.

Forrest's primary contribution was in keeping vast numbers of troops on alert and in protecting Hood's rear (where he really gained some major points) on the trek back from Nashville.

Jackson's reputation is based largely on his performance in the Valley, occasions on the Penninsula, and his fatal end-run at Chancellorsville. Unfortunately (opinion coming), his fixation on his own predestination likely extended to his troops as well.


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