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 Posted: Sat Jul 19th, 2008 06:23 pm
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We must also keep in mind that Lee was working against the clock. He knew logistically/numerically that the South could not stand toe to toe with the North for an extended period of time and hope to maintain her independence.Thus I contend that in context with the strategic situation presented him Jackson's "over-aggressiveness" was actually quite appropriate in most cases. They (lee/Jackson) knew they must win and win big, quickly, before the full might of the North could be brought to bear. You cannot judge them with the same criteria as Northern Commanders because both sides were dealing with completely different situations. International recognition/intervention and presidential election results were things they could not control but the results on the battlefield were ultimately up to them.
Grant on the other hand was, I believe, the perfect General to implement the North's formula for success. He understood the logistics were in his favor and proceeded accordingly.
And keeping that in mind, if we are to judge Jackson for his excessive casualties then how much more so must someone like Grant be judged harshly for his bloody assaults at Vicksburg and Cold Harbor. The difference between Grant and many of his peers was his ability to admit his tactical errors and adjust accordingly and also his understanding of the overall strategic situation. I must say though that had he been presented with the same situation that the south dealt with I have grave doubts as to the success he would have achieved.

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