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 Posted: Sat Jul 19th, 2008 09:49 pm
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I believe Hardee deserved a chance. A solid corps commander with a wealth of service experience and a well organized hard fighting command, who never really received his shot due to passover by Davis friends.

It would be difficult in trying to operate 'politically savvy' and promote Cleburne over several commanders who had rank and date on his promotion to Maj.G.

This change which should have but didnt occur after Bragg's failed KY campaign, failed battle at Murfreesboro and retreat over 100 miles during the tullahoma campaign w/o a major fight, would place perhaps a dozen generals ahead of PC due to rank and promotion date, and later in the war his controversial plan to conscript slaves to free up backline men for the front would make him a near impossible choice for the inept confederate congress.

As Bama states Longstreet did not do well independently (Suffolk/East TN). Hood (post wounds) and during the '100 days' campaign as corps commander proved the wrong choice. and others SD LEE, A. Stewart, did not reach appropriate rank til the final year. J Johnston was a capable commander and perhaps would've faired much better against Rosecrans than he did Sherman.

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