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 Posted: Mon Jul 21st, 2008 12:34 am
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As much as I admire Gen Forrest, I don't agree with your choice...imagine that! Forrest was superb in his role commanding small forces, but I don't think he could have handled overall command of the AOT.. Bragg would have been worse, as would have Polk been...Longstreet did not do well with independent command.. I wonder how Hood... pre wounds.. or even Gordon would have done?... Wheeler maybe?... but I really think the best man would have been Joe Johnston.

Well, that one took. Maybe I'll try again.

Did you mean, Bama, that you do agree? I've long maintained that Forrest's legend is a bit overblown, but he had the 'nads. If anyone of skill and authority had actually tried to bring his talent into real service, he would have been really dangerous. I do have to back off here and note that his performance during the Nashville Campaign was not lacking in brilliance.

Polk was a jolk. (A little humor here.)

It seems strange that one of the finest generals to walk the planet hadn't a single lieutenant to move on to independent command. (Can't resist: The other developed the likes of Sherman, Sheridan, Thomas, Logan, McPherson and many others. Something in the water south of the Ohio?)

There simply wasn't a Confederate capable of leading the AoT.

Don't know enough about Taylor or Gordon to comment, but the AoT certainly didn't get what it deserved.

Let's see if this works.


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