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 Posted: Tue Jul 22nd, 2008 11:15 am
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Are you trying to make us feel guilty?;)  Every time I walk past my bookcase, I dare not look.  Nothing else would ever get done if I started reading the books waiting on those shelves.  Here is my list of the ones I would like to get to (and these are less that half of what is waiting on the shelves):

1)  The Road to Disunion; Volumns One and Two by Freeling    2)  What This Cruel War Was Over by Manning    3)  Fort Donelson's Legacy by Cooling  4)  Autumn of Glory by Connelly  5)  Army of the Heartland by Connelly  6)  Nothing but Victory by Woodworth  7)  Days of Glory by Daniel  8)  From Winchester to Cedar Creek by Wert  9)  Shenandoah Summer by Patchan

What is actually going to get read?  Any book that contains a tour of the area that I want to see, such as:  1)  Retreat From Gettysburg by Brown  2)  One Continuous Fight by Wittenberg, Petruzzi, Nugent  3)  Any book I have on East TN. 

I am not listing books of more specialized areas of CW interest, such as my collection that I have to read on East Tennessee.  It is that area of interest that I am currently focused on to the detriment of the subjects above.

And, NO, I am not interested in The Book Swap.  That big red SWAP sign is starting to get annoying.  I don't have any books that I am willing to swap at this time.  I have to at least read them first!:P



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