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 Posted: Wed Jul 23rd, 2008 03:03 am
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OK, as much as I admire Irish-American Cleburne, he had at least two strikes against him as far as Davis would be concerned. One was that he did not attend USMA. Two, visionary that he was, he dared to propose the arming of slaves to fight, even to the extent of freeing their families if they would fight. That gained him the instant contempt of such potential rivals as Wheeler.

Other strikes against him were that he was  involved in the officer cabal against Bragg. Speaking of which, Davis might take a dim view of any officer who actively worked to discredit Bragg in order to have him removed from command.

Lastly, there were officers who were senior to him, a fact that would be bound to create resentment. That said, I wish he could have had at a chance of at least a corps command. But here we are talking about commander of the Army of Tennessee.

So who is left we haven't mentioned? One is P.G.T.Beauregard. But his health wasn't always dependable for one thing. Davis wasn't that big a fan of his either.  He wasn't well-regarded by some of his fellow officers either. But if he had been given a chance and the numbers of soldiers and resources he needed in the West, he might have achieved more than the controversial  Bragg did and JE Johnston who demonstrated such an exasperating  proclivity to retreat. 

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