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 Posted: Wed Jul 23rd, 2008 11:15 am
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Kernow-Ox,  Don't you just hate it when you get side tracked and can't finish a book?  If I can't get back to it right away then I have to start on page one again or it goes back on the bookshelf to read sometime in the distant future.

I tried reading Cold Mountain but didn't like it enough to read more that a couple chapters.  Too bad because I live only 5 miles from the mountain.  I have Killer Angels but have not read it.

Another book I just bought and that I want to read is A Voyage Long and Strange by Horwitz.  Hernando De Soto went through Western North Carolina, so I got curious about the early explorers.

Captain Crow,  I have The Confederacy's Last Hurrah by Sword, too.  I haven't read it either.  It will continue to gather dust for a while.  Someday..someday.

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