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 Posted: Wed Jul 23rd, 2008 09:04 pm
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1/ One Continuous Fight--After reading Plenty of Blame this one has to be next.

2/ Retreat from G/burg--Brown

3/ Last in their Class. Custer,Pickett and the Goats of West Point--James Robbins.

4/ Annals of the War. Original articles first published in 1879 in the Philadelphia Weekly Times. Looks to be along the lines of Battles and Leaders, picked it up for next to nothing at a car-boot sale.

5/The Confederate Raider Alabama-- by her Commander Raphael Semmes. Tried this one once a few years ago, very heavy reading but the Alabama is a great story so I'll give it another go.

Then there are all the books about The Crimean War, The Boer War, The Great War (WW1)and the Korean War.
I just know I can never catch up with them all but I seem to have fallen into a pattern of read 1 buy 3.

Have read all the Shaara books, Michael and Jeff, enjoyed them, good light reading, alright for a plane journey or sat in the garden with a beer but far too many glaring historical ommisions to take seriously.

Shelby Foote. I blame that man for my current plight, he got me in to this ACW thing and has cost me lots of money in trips to the States and all these books. His trilogy will always be my favourites, superb books which I would reread again and again,if only I could catch up...

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