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 Posted: Thu Jul 24th, 2008 12:44 am
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Well I thought about adding a time frame to my question but then I decided against it. I basically just want to know who you think would have been the most successful general in the West minus Lee or A. Johnston.

A good answer to this question always puzzled me because other than Lee there really wasn't too many commanders in the Confederacy capable of leading a large army to success. The North had Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, Thomas and even Schofield.

But look at the Confederacy: Joseph Johnston and Beauregard had the opportunies and did not succeed. Pemberton and Bragg can be included on that list. Stonewall and Longstreet were questionable with independent commands. Taylor was in charge of a theater with relatively no action. Many of the other generals in the Army of NV such as A.P. Hill, Ewell, and Early struggled when given larger forces.

I think that leaves only a few to choose from: Cleburne, Hardee, Gordon, etc. But they are all unproven with that type of command and the political expediency of those appointments would bring heat on whoever the president was.

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