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 Posted: Thu Jul 24th, 2008 01:42 am
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izzy wrote: And, NO, I am not interested in The Book Swap.  That big red SWAP sign is starting to get annoying.  I don't have any books that I am willing to swap at this time.  I have to at least read them first!:P



LOL! I CAN'T participate in the book swap because every Civil War book I read is filled with marginal notes, underlined passages, stars, exclaimation points, laughing and crying faces. The maps are colored in with blue rivers and waters, brown roads, green woods, red symbols, and other markings useful mainly to me. No one would every want a book of mine for the book swap.

By the way, several of the books in the posts above are some of my favorites ( and therefore the most marked up:D.) Anyone that has in their pile Plenty of Blame to Go Around, One Continuous Fight, Retreat from Gettysburg, and Last in Their Class have some really good reading ahead of them.


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