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 Posted: Thu Jul 24th, 2008 02:05 pm
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For me, the idea of marking up books came easily. Unless the book is a classic, rare copy or some valued book with sentimental connections, I just see no reason NOT to mark it up. For me, my markings ADD value to my book for me. Every year libraries sell off hundreds of older books. My son's school's parents' group used to have an annual book sale of our persoanl used books. We couldn't get rid of them. The stock pile just kept getting bigger and bigger.

In this age and time when a publisher's printing might be 1000 or more copies at the least, why protect a book? I believe in getting the maximum use out of it. I don't mean uber-expensive coffee table books.  I'm talking about the books most of us read here.

Most of my books are purchased used at Amazon, unless it is a newly published book such as "One Continuous Fight" which, too,  is now thorougly marked up and the maps, believe me, are considerably enhanced. (My biggest issue with Civil War books is the quality and quantity of readable maps.)

I'm not a book collector in the sense that sometime a hundred or more years from now my book collection will be reviewed on "Antiques Roadshow 2110" and valued at several thousand dollars. I read for myself now. What happens to my books when I'm gone--who knows? That's why I mark them up. They mean so much more to me that way. And, no, I am not swapping them. I reread my favorites, add more markings, of course, and cherish every book I have about the Civil War.:D



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