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 Posted: Thu Jul 24th, 2008 03:33 pm
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Amusing trivia for all of you who mark up books as you read and/or make notes on paper or laptop:

Thought you might like to know you are on the "cutting edge" of education in language arts! A couple years ago, the district where I teach started teaching the "newfangled" reading strategy of "Talking to the Text." What is it? Exactly what people who make notes/comments/stars/smiley faces in their books do (myself included)! Go figure--we have to teach the kids how to do it, with the goal of comprehending what they read!(We have to use sticky notes in textbooks instead of writing on the page, but that actually gives a little more room to write. Laptops might work even better, if we were lucky enough to have them for all students.)

When I first was told I had to teach this, I laughed at how all the experts thought this was so innovative. I've been doing this for YEARS! So consider yourself cutting-edge, folks! :D

Oh, and I agree with everyone about "Last Hurrah"--very good book, no matter what Sword's critics might think of his biases.



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