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 Posted: Thu Jul 24th, 2008 08:45 pm
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Tim I use the sticky pads too . Some books especially book discussion books are full of stickies.  I have all different colors and sizes.  I think I am addicted to them as much as to the books I buy.  I really like the ones in the shape of an arrow. lol.  Points to the section of the page I want to remember. 


I too was taught never never mark in a book til I went to college and then all bets were off .  My Shakespeare is highlighted all over the place.  Those quotes were on the "TEST".  Other plays have favorite quotes highlighted  or the scripts I used in various classes were marked .  Literature passages were marked for more TESTs that I had on quotes from short stories, poems or novels.  That got me in the habit.  It continues now .  As I said Mrs. Heckman is turning in her grave I am sure . (jr high librarian)

Back now to reading Sherman.  Using stickies in this book as pages are sooo thin.


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