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 Posted: Fri Jul 25th, 2008 02:43 am
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Granted, D.H. Hill had political struggles with both Lee and Davis, because he earned the hostility of Davis as part of the anti-Bragg cabal. Davis was not inclined to forgive.

All that said, Hill was an aggressive fighter, what the Confederacy desperately needed. Even though Hill was essentially sidelined to lesser commands by Davis, perhaps he could have stepped up and done better than Hood did once J.J. Johnston was pulled out of the Atlanta Campaign.

Some may think I am scraping the bottom of the barrel by suggesting Beauregard and D.H. Hill, but at the critical juncture just north of Atlanta when Johnston exited, would D.H. Hill or Beauregard really have been any worse than Hood became?

Davis had so much to do with which generals did have army command.  Proven capable generals such as Cleburne did not advance because they were on bad terms with the president. They didn't even move up to corps command in some cases.  Yet, less capable generals that curried favor with Davis such as Hood did move up. It seems  counterproductive, but that was the state of military politics in the South, especially in the Western Theater.

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