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 Posted: Fri Jul 25th, 2008 05:02 am
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I'm going on vacation until Sunday so I won't be able to check your responses but I'm looking for information and so it will give everyone time to do some research.

I have this small Civil War encyclopedia that talks about Confederate Colonel Angus MacDonald or McDonald (I've seen different spellings). The book says that he recruited his own company in the lower Shenandoah and "was known for his unorthodox and non-military academy view that tomahawks were better calvary weapons than sabers. MacDonald also favorered other tactics more commonly employed by Plains Indians, such as striking swiftly in small groups, the retiring from the field."

This is a character who I would love to know more about but can't find anything on. Even general searches online yield nothing. I'm sure theres a tid bit about him in Generals in Grey but I don't have the book.

Anyone know anything about him?

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