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 Posted: Fri Jul 25th, 2008 04:15 pm
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  Actually, it was Turner Ashby who was under COL McDonald's command early in the war.

  COL McDonald formed the 7th Virginia Cavalry. He saw the potential of then Captain Ashby, and wanted him in his command. It was by his recommendation that General J.E. Johnston promoted Ashby two grades to lieutenant colonel in June of 1861. The troops then commanded by Ashby were incorporated into the 7th Virginia Cavalry.

  COL McDonald was very elderly for a commander in the field (62 at this time), and he suffered from ill health during the war. When he was forced to leave the regiment early in 1862, Ashby became the regimental commander. (March of 1862).

  Turner Ashby was promoted to brigadier general two months later, in spite of the opposition of Thomas J. Jackson. Unfortunately, he was killed less than two weeks after that (perhaps by friendly fire), and never saw his promotion confirmed.

Turner Ashby - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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