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 Posted: Tue Jul 29th, 2008 03:28 am
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The question I would have is over-rated compared to whom? There are so many civil war commanders whose mystique overshadows the actual man.

Stuart is roundy crtiticized for his absence at gettysburg, and rightfully so. Other than that, however, his record is outstanding. You mention Forrest as a commander you would have rather had, but remember these men had very different roles they had to play. Forrest was a master of the cavalry raid, and fighting pitched battles. Though Stuart did lead successful and impressive raids, as well as fight in pitched battles (lets not forget, he even commanded an entire infantry corps during part of what is  perhaps the ANV's greatest victory)his scope of responsibility was much greater than Forrests, with more men to command in a vastly different situation. Whereas Forrest was much of the time free to roam as he saw fit, Stuart always was tied to his greater responsibility of screening and gathering information for the ANV.

Over-rated compared to his legend? Perhaps. That having been said, there is only one man whom I believe I would be willing to substitute for him in his role of ANV's cavalry commander, and that is the vastly under-rated Wade Hampton.

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