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 Posted: Fri Aug 1st, 2008 04:26 am
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I hope it's okay to post a question here, it's about Quantrill, Jo Shelby and Col. Vard Cockrell

I've read online that Quantrill used to winter over in Grayson County, Texas very close to a small city which was named Kentucky Town. What has piqued my curiosity is about this is that I read in an old Texas newspaper that at the end of the war when General Jo Shelby went through Texas to Mexico, that Jeremiah Vardeman had packed up his wife & children and the entire family went along with Jo Shelby and all those soldiers but the Cockrells didn't go to Mexico, they stopped in Texas and settled in Grayson County.

Does anybody here happen to know if lots of families left Missouri, and went to Texas along with the Cockrells, travelling along with Jo Shelby?

Does anybody know if any of Quantrill's raiders relocated to this area of Texas, too? Were many of them travelling with Jo Shelby to Mexico?

And lastly, in Missouri, so many people had their homes burned to the ground -- in the case of Col. Vard, I read that his home was destroyed just a few weeks before the Battle of Lone Jack.

Anyway, with so many houses razed, where did families find shelter? I mean, was it safe for relatives to take in people who were the focus of such tremendous hate & hostility? Is there any way to find out more about the actual living conditions of people who'd had their homes destroyed?


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