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 Posted: Sat Aug 2nd, 2008 01:09 am
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Hi folks, I'm back!

I'm always reluctant to leave Gettysburg, and this time was no exception. The weather was hot but perfect, the tour I took was terrific, and the food and drink were, well, way better than hardtack and salt pork (sorry, hardcores!).

Obviously the big deal at G-burg is the new visitor's center. I tried to take it as neutrally as possible, and I can say it's not horrible. If you were going to G-burg for the first time, or didn't want to know minute details about the battle and just wanted to experience it, then the VC was perfect. If, like many of us, you already know a lot about the battle and don't need a museum's help to understand the basics, then it's a flashy, modern (touch-screens and videos) sort of review; walk through quick, and get out on the field. There seemed to be a lot of open space not being used for anything--impressive, I guess, but I'd rather see more of their collection out. The 22-minute intro film was pretty bland and a little too PC for me (according to it, you'd think the only thing Lincoln thought about before and during the war was slavery--not preserving the union, etc.)--not worth the 8 bucks it cost, in my mind. And if you're willing to fork over $2.50 for a cuppa joe, or $4 for a hot dog, the Refreshment Saloon is for you. And the Museum Bookstore was what lots of people said: Trinket and Toy Central, mostly, but with a decent collection of books at one end.

This new VC is supposed to be a destination in itself, I think, which if you're running it for profit, is what you want. All this said, however, I have to admit, I go to Gettysburg for the battlefield, not the VC, so at least now I'll have a large, spacious new restroom to use before I do that!

My tour was excellent. I'm lucky to have a LBG as a friend, so he took me on what we called the Random Tour: crawling through the underbrush on Culp's Hill to see the Confederate burial pits, hiking through the Rose Woods to find where Semmes was hit, heading out to the East Cav Field to try to teach me something about Custer and Gregg. Lots of ticks, sweat and poison ivy--which means it was a great tour!

The biggest battlefield change for me this time was the timber cutting in the Triangular Field area. Actually, it's not a triangle anymore because most of that area is now open scrubby field, just about all the way from Warfield Ridge to LRT. It's a little disorienting, but cool, because you can really see how Hood's men would have had to struggle through scrub and rocks and hills--in mostly open areas-- BEFORE they even got to Devil's Den and the Slaughter Pen. No wonder he followed orders under protest.

As for food, I think we pretty much hit everything that was suggested to me but for The Mine, and adding in the Cashtown Inn and the DQ. No generals at O'Rourke's to speak of, and the game pie WAS delicious, according to my husband.

So, yes, I'd rather be there than here. Anyone heading that way I can hitch a ride with?



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