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 Posted: Sat Aug 2nd, 2008 04:57 am
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Being new to the board, I will be interested to receive your feedback on my choice.

Your choices are highly defensible. D.H. Hill was an experienced and usually competent commander. One might even venture to say that he was no more quarrelsome than Bragg and a few other top commanders.

Don't know nothin' about S.D. Lee except that he seemed to be another usually competent commander.

It really does go back to the failure to select promising junior officers  and create commands to test and develop them. I'm not certain that the Union system was there by design, but it certainly worked better than that of the Confederacy. The Union pool of promotable officers was -- maybe not larger than the Confederate pool nor more skillful -- used more effectively. Can't say that a senior union officer sat down and wrote a procedure urging promotion of promising material, but it does seem to have worked for the Union and not for the Confederacy.


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