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 Posted: Sun Aug 3rd, 2008 09:29 pm
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Hi again, Texas Defender.

Well, when I originally posted, I simply was curious about the area where Quantrill wintered over, as there simply are a few things that I've gathered here & there, on various genealogy boards, that are... curious. LOL

Anyway, I wasn't expecting the great interest you're showing.

Let me caution you, that actually very little exists online about JV or FM Cockrell; in fact, I've only seen one person refer to themselves as a descendant of FM's, have seen noone online tied to JV, AND am now aware that although the newspaper accounts are frequently very favorable & "flowery" about both men, that obviously there were some serious family schisms.

Here is just one 'for instance,' which is a remark from a late researcher into Cockrell family history, years ago before she died, she mentioned online: QUOTE
"..."Poppy' West had little use for Francis Marion Cockrell. Family stories of how he felt about this man kept me from gathering anything about him for a very long time. Poppy or James Samuel West was the son of Nancy Cockrell and Barksdale West all of Johnson County, Missouri. Nancy Cockrell being the daughter of Morgan Cockrell and Hannah Andrews. The politics were different and so were the religious beliefs of these two related families. This is possibly why some stated that the two families of Cockrells living in the same County were not believed to be related. Still we see that in fact Joseph and Morgan Cockrell were indeed brothers."

Anyway, I've seen lots of discrepencies and plenty of outright errors about JV & FM, so I urge caution in researching them.

Here is a link to what seems to be an accurate family tree, beginning with John COCKRILL; if you go down into the 1800s, you'll see that there IS a Simon Wesley Cockrell born in Alabama.

I am VERY curious about this specific Simon Wesley Cockrell, and what connection he is (or is NOT) to the Simon Cockrell who is supposedly the half-brother of JV & FM.

And I want to know WHO is the cousin named, Wesley Cockrell who lived near Sarah Horton. Alexander Cockrell is said to have met Sarah and stayed in Texas because he went to visit his cousin Wesley who lived near Sarah Horton.

So.... there is, you see:

Simon Cockrell, elder half-brother to JV & FM
Simon Wesley Cockrell, Texan born in Alabama
Wesley Cockrell, Texas cousin of Alex, JV & FM

 John Cockrill....

An early family tree compiled by F.N.Cockrell Tom Cockerels Genealogy

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