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 Posted: Mon Aug 4th, 2008 12:00 am
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Maranda Jane Cockrell-

  I can see how people might confuse the Simon Wesley Cockrell (born about 1811) with the Simon born in 1801.

  Since he was apparently half Cherokee, the 1811 Simon could well be the sergeant who served in the Indian regiment.

  Your last post mentions a son of Simon Wesley Cockrell who went by the name of John Wesley. He is probably John "Grandpa" Wesley (1841-1938) who can be found in Old Margaret Cemetery in Foard County, Texas. (His wife was Mary Frances Wesley(1854-1937)). A source says that John served in the Civil War, but I can't verify that. He was the right age to be the son of the 1811 Simon, and to serve in the war.

  Here is a short history of Kentucky Town. Apparently, a few people still live there.

Handbook of Texas Online - KENTUCKY TOWN, TX

  I see that the first postmaster of Kentucky Town, Jacob Alfred Drye, also owned a store. I wonder if he called it the: "Drye Goods Store."  ;)

  Your last post said that no source can be found that lists the five children of COL "Vard" Cockrell. I'll happily take your word for that. If you can't find them, then my chances of doing so are about zero.  :D

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