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 Posted: Fri Aug 8th, 2008 04:04 pm
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Nothing has been done with the old VC. The grass is all grown up, and it looks pretty forlorn. It's interesting that, just about each time I drove by it, there were a decent number of cars in the lot, and people seemed to want to go see it, anyway. One time I drove by I saw Supt. Latchar and some guys in suits standing in front of it with the front doors open, but who knows what that was.

The plan, as I've heard it, is to eventually knock it down, along with the old Cyclorama building, and return Ziegler's Grove to how it was in the battle. They need the money to do that, first, though, which could take time.

Side note: one of the times I was leaving the new VC, I happened to hear a man say to his wife, "This is nice, but I think the old Visitor's Center was closer to things like the cemetery and the battlefield. This feels way out of my way." I wonder how many others feel that way?


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