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 Posted: Fri Aug 8th, 2008 05:24 pm
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I need to throw my two cents out there on a couple points.

First - I will be tickled when the old VC is down and the field restored. It may be further from the new VC, but I am all for the restoration to look like 1863. The Cyclorama building, as I understand, may be there longer. I believe there is a lawsuit by the architect's son to have the building named as a historic site. It can't be manned by the NPS, so I imagine in a couple years it may be no more than an eyesore.

Second - The knowledge on this discussion board is amazing. I am in awe of some of the posts I read. However, sadly, that is not the case with a vast majority of people. A case in point - I was at Shiloh a few years ago and ready to take my family (wife, her mother, and my three children) on the driving tour. I explained that this may be confusing because the auto tour is not in chronological order - if something doesn't make sense, speak up. My mother in law, before we started, asked if this had anything to do with the Boston Tea Party and all that. Now granted, most people have more knowledge about history than her, but in my experience, most people need a general background on the whole CW. For those of you that need more, I understand there is a nice new library and study area. I agree with the NPS to try to cater to the majority to hopefully create more interest.

This is just MHO, as I have not experienced the new VC yet. I probably will have more opinions after I see the refurbished Cyclorama and VC next month.


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