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 Posted: Fri Aug 8th, 2008 07:09 pm
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I too read the CW News and was taken back a little by the newspapers attitude.

In doing research for maps, I get to spend time with some NPS historians and listen to some of their stories. They run everywhere from people that want to know "why are so many CW battles fought in National Parks?" - and "how come there aren't any bullet marks on any of the monuments?" (my mother in law type questions) to people that have very detailed, specific questions about the 153rd PA (sound familiar to anyone?). I think the NPS does a great job catering to the vast majority of the people that fall in the middle.

And Susan, my wife has a look she gives me that means "don't start" when somebody even casually mentions Custer, Fredericksburg, Lincoln, or any any other "spark" words. Kudos for biting your tongue, because I did actually say that at a funeral.

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