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 Posted: Fri Aug 8th, 2008 08:35 pm
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Gee guys , I am a female that gets that look from friends who are not Civil War people.  I get the rolled eyes and blank stare every so often.  Of course many are glad I am off the Shakespeare thing I used to go on and on about.  lol.  Of course I have linked Shakespeare many times to Civil War  

Defender I had forgotten about the bugler .  mea culpa.  Just the first thought that flashed in my mind was visiting Berkley Plantation and reading that Butterfield have written taps there on one of the signs. 

As to visitors to Gettysburg I know friends are always saying there are the people who ask where Buster Kilrein 's monument is.  First time someone told me that story I asked who is Buster kilrein.  I had not seen the movie or read Killer Angels at the time.  I know you are all in SHOCK!!!


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