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 Posted: Fri Aug 8th, 2008 09:09 pm
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I'm with you on that--my friends are far less tolerant of my CW "jags" than my husband, lucky me. He'll still listen to me go on about this or that CW thing, or at least does a good job pretending.

I used to teach Shakespeare--how'd you connect him to our Civil War? Wish I'd thought of that!

Our ninth graders watch the whole Gettysburg movie as part of the CW unit. I'm still working on the 9th grade SS teachers to tell the kids Buster was NOT a real person!

This is my favorite line: A guide friend told me that once he was giving a tour and was at the Railroad Cut, talking about the fierce fighting there, and how the soldiers, once they got down in the cut they were pretty much caught there and couldn't get up the other side. A man in the tour asked, "Why didn't they just use the bridge?"


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