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 Posted: Sun Sep 25th, 2005 02:11 am
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I am curious about the ages of Civil War buffs, historians, enactors, living historians, interpretors, etc.

I was born in 1958.  I grew up watching westerns, disney historical shows and movies, and the few Civil War shows like the GRAY GHOST, The Rebel and even (sort of.)..RIN TIN TIN.  In 1961 I saw LIFE magazine do a series on the Centennial. And all the stores carried toy Kepis (I had several), Kadet Muskets, Marx toy guns and CSA flags and more.

It all gelled for me when my parents took me to see Gettysburg for the first time in July 1963 days after the 100th of the battle.  The park was pristine, packed. I remember vendors on the sides of the road selling authetic relics. I climbed on every cannon I saw.  I loved the ground, the monuments, the museums, etc.  I was HOOKED.

I went on to visit many other battlefields over the next several years. And was fortunate enough to serve as a drummer boy with an N-SSA unit (even though my father was not a member).  Pretty amazing looking back. I saved my pennies to buy relics, repro gear, books, toy soldiers. You name it.

Interested to see about others - both older and younger than me.  I have to admit, I have never met a WWII or Korea combat veteran who was interested in the Civil War.  But I am sure there were and are some...


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