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 Posted: Sun Aug 10th, 2008 11:00 pm
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Hello everyone. I am new to this forum and i just wanted to say hello to you all and i look forward to interacting with everyone. My name is Todd and I have been interested in the civil war all my life. I have been reenacting since 2000. I hail from the Northwest Ohio area and I travel all over the country to various events. In 2000 I started a small buisness making flags. Out of pure need for a flag for my own unit i made one by hand and myself being a perfectionist i needed one that was of way better quality to show off my unit. So after the 4th flag a fellow in Georgetown, Ohio offered to buy one of the flags and ended up having me make him a custom one. I then went on a major fact finding mission to view various collections in several other states and uncovering quite a few facts in helping me make period correct hand sewn flags, yes thats right i typed Hand Sewn. They may take a little bit more time than with a machine(even the 1852 model H&M machine i have) but the quality is what i have always been after, from state flags to regimental yankee flags i have made them all. If any of you have ever met the fellow named Niles Clark that portrays Gen. Pickett at Gettysburg i made all but the virginia state flags that he flys.

I hope that any knowledge i have gained from my endeavors and studies may help others and i offer these up to you all.

Here is a link to my website:


Thank you



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