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 Posted: Tue Aug 12th, 2008 02:36 am
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Hi there, younglobo...

Ft. Myers to Atlanta is more than a day's drive; from Tampa it's about an 8 to 9 hour trip. Inside Atlanta is little, but the Cyclorama is supposed to be rather impressive. Northwest of Atlanta are Kennesaw Mountain and Pickett's Mill parks, and then there are New Hope Church, Pine Mountain [where Bishop General Polk bought the farm], and Dallas all with an assortment of plaques. Jonesboro, Gainesville [NE of Atlanta, where Longstreet spent his final years], and a few other smaller towns have some sort of Civil War tie-in.

On your way to Atlanta, depending on your route, you may want to take in Andersonville, GA near Americus, and the National Civil War Naval Museum in Columbus GA [].

Florida sites are few and far between. In the Tampa area, there used to be Ft. Brooke, but only 2 cannon are left and they're not in their original position. There is a spring-time reenactment at a place called Ballast Point. In Februry there's a reenactment called The Brooksville Raid, but there's nothing on display at the site as it's on a Boy Scout reservation. I think there are only a few plaques around town, like at Lowry Park Zoo where, just recently, remnants were found in the Hillsborough River there of James McKay's blockade runner "Kate Dale" [unless it proves to be "Scottish Chief"]. There are plaques around town that mention Robert E. Lee doing some engineering work here and one that mentions Stonewall Jackson donating money to a church construction fund.

Olustee, east of Lake City near I-75/I-10 intersection, is the small but monumented battlefield. St. Marks, on the Gulf coast south of Tallahassee, as well as Natural Bridge directly north and between St. Marks and Tallahassee, has a postage-stamp-sized field. I remember reading of a Civil War museum in Jacksonville, but have never been there; don't know if it's still in existence.

A place called Horse Landing, near Palatka on the St. John's River, has a reenactment every year. Little known action wherein a USS steamer was captured by some of the Florida Cow Cavalry.

Gamble Mansion in Bradenton on the Braden River, west of I-75, is a nice place to visit. Judah Benjamin stayed a short while there on his way out of the country in 1865.

Art in Tampa

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