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 Posted: Thu Jul 6th, 2006 02:21 pm
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Being raised in the North, I once thought that the rebel battle flag was a horrible Satanic symbol and I loathed anyone that displayed it on their pick-up.  When I moved to GA for a while, I gained a totally different appreciation for what this flag really stands for... but now, that I am back in the North again, I'm still frustrated by the symbol, but finally, I know why!  The people that display this flag on their trucks were largely raised and educated just like me.  We learned that this flag is negative; symbolic of racism.  When they wave these flags, they are largely saying they are racist.  Now instead of the flag offending me, it is the ignorance of the Northern people that display it.  I have found VERY FEW know the real meaning at all...present company excluded, of course.  :)

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