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 Posted: Tue Aug 12th, 2008 03:48 pm
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Just did the Civil War in Florida in June.  First stop was the Castillo in St. Augustine.  I picked up a book there called the Civil War in Florida which had the history and directions how to get to various sites .  Well worth the money. 

All the places mentioned already are good plus Yulee Sugar Mill Ruins Historic State Park .  This is all that is left of the David Yulee  plantation  that was burned by Union.  Yulee served in the First Confederate Congress. 

Cedar Keys has signage and one building left that was Union headquarters. 

Natural Bridge Battlefield has monuments .  The actual battlefield is privately owned and is for sale if you have 7 million you want to spend.

Nearby is San Marcos de Apalache Historic State Park.  Both Union and Confederate occupied the site .  The ranger in the headquarters is a great guy to talk to .  He will explain all that went on there .  Also interesting film on the history of the site.  As many things in Florida it goes back to the Spanish.

Closer than Atlanta is Mobile Bay and Fort Morgan a third system coastal defense fort .  Nearby is also Blakely State Park Battlefield .  Battle fought here the same day Lee surrendered .  There are nine perserved redoubts in the park. 

If you do head to Atlanta don't miss Andersonville .  Well worth the stop.  Visit the national park and also go into the small town where the train station was that brought the troops.  Check out the monument in the middle of the town.  It is to Henry Wirtz. 

The plantation mentioned is well worth the visit .  Just don't go on Tuesday.  They are closed.   How do I know.  Guess which day we went?  We stared in the windows of the house .  I also looked in the door of the visitors center and of course saw a book displayed I would have loved to have.  No time to get back there of course. 

Have a great trip.


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