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 Posted: Wed Aug 13th, 2008 05:35 pm
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I'll run with your analogy, Lee felt it was a bigger risk to run down that alley, because if Little Mac saw him panic, he might run after him and pin him in that dead end alley (Potomac River crossisng) and kill him with his real gun versus Lee's fake gun (although a better analogy would be to give Lee at least a .22 not a fake gun ;)).

Also, fighting at Sharpsburg was the smart thing to do in light of Little Mac's new found aggresivness.  To me Sharpsburg and Gettysburg are the same battles in reverse and show that the lessons of Antietam weren't necessarily learned by either side.  At Sharpsburg, Lee had a great position and interior lines that allowed him to survive, heck I'll even say it was a moral victory for him.  Yet, less than a year later he ends up attacking a similar postion against slightly superior numbers.  If his little outnumbered band could hold that sort of postion why didn't he think the Federals with bigger numbers couldn't?

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