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 Posted: Thu Aug 14th, 2008 01:42 pm
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The CS was destroyed in the field by US arms not by US politicians. The CS failed as much from the failure of its politicians as the men in the field. Davis bragged about how Sherman would be destroyed. Sherman & his men made him out to be a liar and a damned fool. His army also proved the CS to be nothing more than a hollow shell. He proved once and for all that the CS could not protect its borders, infrastructure etc. And every voice that howled for food or protection from the CS knew it would not be done. Their govt had failed them.

In other words Sherman and his men ripped the guts out of the CS, won the war for the US in the mind of the CS.

The idea that Sherman actualy emboldoned the CS doesn't matter one way or the other, they couldn't win any more and everyone from the private in the trenches to Lee knew it. And then Sherman and his boys turned north in SC. Every soldier in the lines of Petersberg and civilian in the country knew he was going to meet up w/ Grant and he was going to do to SC, NC & VA what had been done to that 60 mile wide swath through Georgia on his way to Petersberg. Lee couldn't break away from Petersberg w/out being effectively losing Richmond and half his army. Hoods was all but destroyed and Price... had just been run out of Missouri. Lee's army was melting away.
There wasn't anything the CS could or would do to stop him and everyone knew it. The CS wasn't able to put a sizeable force of anykind in front of Sherman again until the Bentonville NC area, letting Sherman rip the guts out of SC, again proving the CS to be little more than an empty shell. W/ Wilson cutting through Alabama as well... there can be no doubt that the will of the CS was broken. Emboldened... I don't see it.

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