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 Posted: Thu Aug 14th, 2008 03:49 pm
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Talk about learning a alot about a subject in just a few short hours! Thanks, folks, for the mini-lesson!

Johan, I ALWAYS come away from reading your posts with facts and opinions that remind me that I have MUCH to learn, and spur me on to do so. That, combined with everyone else's views, facts, opinions, etc., remind me that this is a terrific source to turn to on a subject that I love.

This also reminds me that history is really often a "If this. . . then that" scenario. If the stars were aligned right, then this is the result; if not, then another result occurs. Sometimes its purposeful, sometimes random. I think the irony and the randomness of the actions of the players in the CW--both sides--is what keeps us revisiting the action.


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