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 Posted: Thu Aug 14th, 2008 05:00 pm
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  You may say that the CSA was destroyed in the field by Union armies, not politicians. I would answer that this end was achieved through the steadfastness of one politician- Abraham Lincoln.

  In the beginning there was considerable sentiment to: "Let the wayward sisters go." This appeared in some papers before the: "Forward to Richmond" stuff. But Mr. Lincoln used and shaped events and was able to motivate the people of the north to raise a massive army and prosecute a war against the south.

  The war, as most wars are, was longer and more bloody than either side imagined. The question in the north became: "Is this war worth it?" Mr. Lincoln was unwavering throughout, but the question remained.

  I believe that the question wasn't answered until 1864. Thats what the election of 1864 was about. Lincoln in the beginning of the year thought that he would lose the election. Even late in the year he feared that he would lose the election. But by then the fortunes of war had turned sharply in favor of the Union. The northern people answered the question decisively at the ballot box, and the contest was decided. The Confederacy was doomed.

  At the peace conference in February of 1865, Alexander Stephens reportedly asked Mr. Lincoln what conditions were necessary to restore the peace. Mr. Lincoln is said to have passed him a piece of paper that had one word written on it: "Union ! "

"War is merely a continuation of politics." - Carl Phillipp Gottlieb von Clausewitz

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