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 Posted: Thu Aug 14th, 2008 09:43 pm
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You've again captured the essence, Fan. Kilpatrick lookd very much like exactly the kind of "damned fool" Sherman wanted to lead his cavalry. The tea leaves lied.  Kilpatrick was nowhere near what Sherman had in mind. Kilpatrick was a "damned fool" in every sense of the word (words?).  Sherman had in mind a cavalry leader who'd fight every other horseman in sight. He was deceived. Kilpatrick was more concerned with engaging rebel ladies in one-on-one combat. Although Sherman was not exactly a prude, he did hold rather sacred the idea that gentlemen and ladies had a sacrosanct code of conduct.

I don't know when Sherman figured out his great mistake, or even if he did. But when he had finished with messing up Georgia, he was no friend of Kilpatrick. The man was useless and it showed.

Nest post will have something of what I really mean.


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