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 Posted: Fri Aug 15th, 2008 02:14 pm
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Ole, I call Jeff Davis (the Union one) a dirtbag for a variety o reasons. Not the least of which was his pulling of those pontoons. THe Union soldiers who pulled the pontoons did so knowing full well Wheelers men were right behind the "contrabands," they could see them. Every man in the Army knew full well what it meant to be captured by Wheelers men. Could runaway slaves expect better than US soldiers? They watched it happened to Southern Civilians after those bridges were pulled.

To paraphrase a US officer who witnessed it. Wheelers men never charged US soldiers half so well as those people at Ebeneezer. Thousands jumped into that creek trying to escape and large number drowned. Initially, at least, Wheelers men charged in w/ sabres flying and guns blazing... into unarmed civilians which included large numbers of women and children. US troops from the oter side of the creek provided what covering fire they could with some very real effect unhorsing several of Wheelers men. But they were ordered to move on, by Davis. We'll probably never know the extent of the dead there as it wouldn't be something the Lost Cause would be proud of (actually it would, but never to be admitted out loud) and it certainly wouldn't be something the US would be proud of either. Over the years I've seen research that would say as few as 20 to over 2000 black people died. My hero Battalion says none, that they were all rounded up and returned to slavery... I think the truth sits somewhere in between. I don't know, but I've read of men seeing the creek "choked" with the dead after the "fight" there and their bodies forming a damn.

I blame Davis for letting those people face such a fate. Because he knew what was going to happen when those pontoons were pulled. Was it the militarily correct thing to do? I don't know. But Ebeneezer is just one more incident that makes me call Jeff Davis (the US one) a real dirtbag.

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