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 Posted: Fri Aug 15th, 2008 07:42 pm
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THe Union soldiers who pulled the pontoons did so knowing full well Wheelers men were right behind the "contrabands," they could see them.
Yup. But militarily, it was a proper decision. Wheeler's boys could have crossed the bridge as easily as the contrabands, set up a beach-head, and taken a number of Davis's boys to the same place the contrabands were headed.

And yes, it was a horrible decision to have to make. Trading a dozen or so soldier lives for a hundred or so civilian impediments would make more sense today, but I'd hold a Corps Commander in very low esteem for bringing on a battle when there was nothing to be gained by it.

The accounts bear up the fact that Wheeler's boys did a little killing. We may never know how much killing there was and how much dying by being forced into the Creek or desperately leaping into it.

Finally, "choked" with bodies is higly emotional and subjective. I give it the same credence I give to tales of the thousands of rapes and beastly destruction during Sherman's romp.


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