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 Posted: Sat Aug 16th, 2008 03:00 pm
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My guess is that President Lincoln could not have accomplished anything that a President McClellan could not have undone.

That would all depend on the congress.

True, Mac semi-repudiated his party's platform: the negotiated-peace part but, upon Mac's inauguration, Lee is trapped and starving in Petersburg, Sherman is working on trapping JEJ, and Wilson is troubling Alabama. It would take a majority of oblivious doves to negotiate when an slam-dunk victory was so close at hand.

Even if the Democrats had been in power, there's still a nation who had given their sons, fathers, brothers, and extended families in the four-year effort to win. I simply don't see that voting public as wimping out at the last moment. That would be like expecting a fighter, after having beaten his opponent until he can't raise his arms, to declare the fight a tie in the 12th round.

Just a thought.


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