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 Posted: Sat Aug 16th, 2008 03:32 pm
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  We're discussing something that might have happened IF the northern people had had a different mindset than the one it actually had.

  To me, the Democratic Platform (semi-repudiated by McClellan) clearly advocated wimping out. While Lincoln won the election easily, McClellan still got 45 % of the vote. That seems to indicate that a substantial segment of the populace wanted the war ended, whether by total victory or not.

  My view is that IF a majority of civilians and soldiers had voted against Mr. Lincoln, it would have limited his chances of ending the war outright by March 4th. If a President McClellan had chosen to follow his party's official position, then there might have been a different outcome in the end.

  Winning on the battlefield isn't always enough to achieve one's national objectives if the political will to see the thing through isn't there. We've seen this in our own history in the 20th century.

  Having said that, the whole situation being discussed is meaningless, since the majority of the northerm people were in NO mood to quit without a decisive ending. There was more of a feeling then that a project begun should be carried through to a satisfactory conclusion. We would never have become the greatest nation in the world if we had been a nation of wimps.

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